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I need an original AE Smith case

I just got back my birthday Arthur E. Smith Maple Leaf banjo. It is maple with fingerboard binding, diamonds in the fret board, a and a bacon-type tone system with no internal resonator. The dowel is stamped “Kathryn Spencer March 31, 1979.” Anyway, she came back to me without her original case. We had custom […]

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A.E. Smith Northampton love affair

I had never heard of A.E. Smith banjos, having only gotten into playing in 2013. I bought a Goodtime and once I was good enough to play a few tunes I started looking for another open back (not that the Goodtime is not a good banjo, it is!). I came to a realization that for […]

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AES 265

“The appointed thing comes at the appointed time in the appointed way.” –Myrtle Reed (1910) I’m relatively new to the banjo. I started about 18 months ago, but it’s only after retiring last October that I’ve had the chance to devote substantial time to it. When I started out, I made a number of trips […]

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