Welcome to the Arthur E. Smith Banjo Company contact page. All inquiries will come to me (Kate Spencer) and I will answer you to the best of my ability. About half the warrantee cards that we sent out with our instruments were returned to us, and they are stapled to each production card. I have the book containing all serial numbers and models including repro necks and special orders, and I have records of the shops that bought our banjos for resale. If your instrument was built after I left A.E. Smith on July 4, 1979, data might not be available for these instruments as not many entries were made between late 1979 and 1981. However, I will do my best!

I am compiling a list of where the Arthur Smith banjos are today, so would be very pleased if you send me information about your instrument including model and serial number, and your name, address and e-mail. I cross my heart that your information will not be sold, traded, or given to anyone else in the whole world.  Finally, I would be delighted to have you post your Smith banjo stories on our blog.

Thanks ever so much,